Winter is coming...

defend the north!

We are the Freemen of the North, a coalition of sovereign and pirate alliances who have banded together to defend the northern regions of Tribute and Vale.

Freemen of the North
Les Hommes Libres du Nord

Our coalition was created out of necessity after it became clear that our enemies sought to take our space. The regions of Tribute, Vale, Venal, and the surrounding areas have seen good content and more-or-less good relations between neighbors until Fraternity decided that they wanted to move in. 

With our enemies funded by armies of bots, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. 
It’s up to us, the Free Peoples of the North to fight this threat head-on and survive.

Will you fight for the North or will you let our regions be overrun?

"The ball is in your court..."

Read the story behind the original eviction notices, the founding of the coalition, the recent development of NHS’s 3rd party (or not) involvement, and the now famous message from Norris to kick off the war. As the war progresses, more war reports will be added.

Weeks 1 & 2, Jan 1 - Jan 14
Week 3, Jan 15 - Jan 21
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